Southern Maryland Labs is a small family-owned operation, near the Chesapeake Bay, in beautiful Southern Maryland, which is an easy drive from DC, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.  As a homeschool family, we are able to provide companionship and experiences for our pups all day, every day.  Our labs don’t live in a kennel out-back, they live in our home and are part of our family.

Our goal is to breed well-rounded Labradors from AKC registered Champions and Champion lines, with an emphasis on temperament.  In addition to top-notch lineage, we utilize available health screenings to help ensure healthy puppies with a long active life ahead of them.  By performing health screening on all dogs used for breeding, we can ensure our puppies are not affected by testable genetic diseases, like exercise-induced collapse, dilated cardiomyopathy and Centronuclear Myopathy.  OFA and Pennhip screening in the parents and grandparents make it less likely the pups will develop crippling orthopedic or visual conditions, like hip dysplasia and heritable eye diseases.   For more info on how we raise our puppies, please visit our “puppies” page.

We produce puppies that embody the "English" Labrador not only in looks, but in the happy, easy-going, fun-loving personality people look for in a companion Labrador retriever.  

For answers to frequently asked questions check out our FAQ page.  

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