Will our puppies be AKC registered? Yes, we will register all pups with the AKC using the online breeder registration shortly after the puppies go home. Papers will be mailed to you directly. All registrations are “limited”, meaning puppies cannot be used as breeding animals.

Will our puppies be vaccinated and dewormed before they come home? Yes, Puppies will be dewormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks as recommended by our veterinarian. Parvovirus/distemper vaccine will be given at 7-8 weeks. Puppies will be examined by a veterinarian shortly before they go home.

Are the parent's health tested? Yes, both the sire and dam have had all health screening recommended by the Labrador Retriever parent club. We also do additional genetic screening that is not yet required by the parent club. All test results from our girls can be found on their page.

Will our puppies be microchipped? Yes, we microchip the pups when they get their vaccines, and we register the chips with AKC reunite at the same time we register the puppies with AKC. This is a lifetime registration.

How much are your puppies? Puppies from this upcoming litter will be $2500 (prices subject to change, but will be provided when a pup is available for you, before a deposit is required)

How do the deposits work? We collect deposits from buyers on our waitlist AFTER the puppies are born and we know what we have available. At that time, we will check in with the people on our waitlist and ask them if they want to move forward with a puppy from this current litter. If the buyer wants to reserve a puppy from that litter, they then will be required to place a $300 holding deposit to reserve a pup from that litter. That deposit goes toward the final balance. Deposits are NOT refundable unless we are unable to provide you with a healthy puppy of the desired gender and color.

Will puppies have their dewclaws removed? No, we do not remove dewclaws. Retrieving breeds use their dewclaws to escape if they fall through 
broken ice. Also, studies have shown that removal of the dewclaws can lead to the development of arthritis.

When can my puppy come home? Puppies will be released no earlier than 8 weeks. After the puppies reach 8 weeks of age, they will go home by appointment during the following week, at a time and date that works for both breeder and buyer.

When can I pick/visit my puppy? We begin visits and puppy selection at 6 weeks. This is to minimize stress to the dam, and exposure of puppies to harmful viruses that could be fatal. Before this time, pups can be followed
through pictures and videos that we post to our Facebook page. Puppies will be handled and played with regularly for proper socialization from birth until they go home.

Why do we require owners to wait until the pups are a minimum of 12 months before you spay/neuter? Studies have shown that removal of sex
hormones, before the growth plates have closed, results in improper skeletal growth in the long bones. This increases the risks of hip dysplasia and ACL tears in adult dogs. Studies have also shown an increased risk of certain cancers, such as bone cancer.

What is Puppy Culture? Puppy culture is a program designed to produce well-adapted and properly socialized puppies that will grow up to be intelligent, resilient adults. We do our best to follow the puppy culture protocol as closely as possible. We have seen profound results from using these techniques and they are worth all the extra work involved. We encourage our buyers to learn more about the puppy culture program by visiting
www.puppyculture.com, or even better, purchase the original series. It is an adorable show to watch and it is full of useful advice for future owners, as well as breeders.

What is the best way to reach you with questions? Email is definitely the best way to reach us. Things get busy here, especially when we have puppies on the ground. I can return an email during a calm moment or late at night, but calls need to happen during the day when life is most hectic, and I find they tend to take a larger chunk of time, so I don’t like to return a call until I can devote that time if needed. So if you do want to speak with me by phone, please allow me a few days to get back, as there are some days that are better than others for making calls.